Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello, again.

I originally started this blog over a year ago, posted a few times and then forgot about it.

I purged the archives because there were a couple of entries I am now ashamed of, and I wanted to make a clean restart.

So to introduce myself (again), I'm a 48 year old curmudgeon with often contradictory personality traits. I don't work as I'm on permanent disability due to numerous medical conditions. I'm sorta-kinda-not-really-but-who-cares-married to a wonderful lady. We have a dog named Sadie, who is 50 lbs worth of mixed breed slobbery affection. I'm best described politically as a progressive. I'm not a Democrat per se, but I tend to agree with their policies and platforms. Not 100%, but close enough that I usually vote for the Democratic candidate. I'm very outspoken about politics. Also, I'm a fatty and I make no apologies for it. Actually, I'm just outspoken. I have a mental filter, but I don't get much use out of it.

As the blog title implies, the postings to follow will be about anything and everything that catch my interest. If a theme develops, it will be purely by accident.

I hope you enjoy my little piece of the Internet.

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